State of the project January 2015

The project has already finalized some key stages. One relevant project phase has been the identification and definition of vocational skills, knowledge and competence mismatches among professionals of the furniture sector, regarding concepts of Ecodesign and Sustainable Production and its integration in the furniture industry and from its results, another key step for the project that has been completed: the design of the curriculum.

Other on-going activities of the project are the creation of the on-line platform framework that will host the online course, the development of the training materials and dissemination activities.

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JOIN the ECO4VET Pilot Course

One of the key delivery of the ECO4VET project is the development of an online Pilot Course that will cover those topics related to Ecodesign and Sustainable Production for furniture professional profiles such as General Managers, Production Managers and Designers. The course content has been created in order to satisfy knowledge, skill and competence needs regarding environment and sustainability issues for these furniture professional profiles. It will be delivered in 5 languages: English, Polish, Romanian, Spanish and Turkish.

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ECO4VET Benefits. Can I participate?

There’s an identified educational gap between training offer and skills demand related to ecodesign and sustainable production. Furthermore, there is not an official curriculum in these matters at European level.

ECO4VET will develop tools and methods that will benefit individuals working in furniture enterprises, students and unemployed, training entities and other entieties participating in education or employment active policies.

Furniture sector professionals, unemployed and students will have the possibility to be the first in doing the course and testing the e-learning platform.

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The ECO4VET Project

ECO4VET (Improvement of Vocational Education and Training related to Ecodesign and Sustainable Production in the Furniture Sector) is a European project financed by the Life Long Learning programme. It started in December 2013 and will last two years.

The main objective of ECO4VET project is to develop tools and methods for training professionals in the furniture industry in Ecodesign and Sustainable Production and thus, at long term, reducing the furniture industry’s environmental impact.

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