The ECO4VET European Project, which will strengthen the eco-design training in the furniture enterprises, has finished its first phase

The consortium meeting was celebrated in Warsaw (Poland), the country of 2 consortium partners, during 22nd and 23rd  of May 2014, with the participation of attendees from 6 different countries.

Ecodesign takes into account the environmental impact along all the product lifecycle in aspects such raw materials use, production and transport processes, use and recyclability, in order to minimize this impact at an early development stage.

To enhance training in this methodology, ECO4VET project will develop new tools and educational materials. The project will analyze the ecodesign training needs, define the training path and the contents of the educational courses, develop and adapt the e-learning platform and carry out several pilot tests in different countries and languages.

The first phase of the project, which was carried out during its first 6 months, is nearly complete and, at this stage, the training needs have been analyzed, taking into account the current training programs existing in the partners’ countries.

Together with the completion of this phase, the second meeting of the project was celebrated, where 9 consortium partners have studied the work done until now and the tasks to develop from now on, like the training path definition depending on the student profile, the courses content and the e-learning platform.

Additionally, a dissemination event was carried out with the participation of furniture enterprises, enterprises associations and media specialized in the furniture sector in Poland.

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