ECO4VET first STEP was the implementation of a desk research and a questionnaire in participating countries to find out the existing gaps in Europe between the VET providers training offer and the furniture companies’ skills and capacities needs in relation to Ecodesign and Sustainable Production.


Based on these results, the consortium designed 3 new joint curricula to be integrated in the training of key professional profiles of the sector: General Managers, Production Managers and Designers. 


Based on these training guidelines and new joint curricula, the consortium prepared the training materials for a new specific course.


The Project ICT provider prepared a deliverable presenting the specifications and requirements for the design of the e-learning platform.


According to the content of this document, the training material was adapted and transformed in interactive content and made available on the e-learning platform as a new on-line course.


The platform was tested and a report containing the results of the platform test was used to improve the platform functioning.


After that, the new Pilot Course was published on the e-learning platform. The course was accessible in five different languages: English, Spanish, Polish, Romanian and Turkish.


In order to facilitate the learner access and use of the e-Learning platform, another public deliverable was released:


A document describing how the pilot test activities should have been carried on and how to evaluate the level of success of the pilot test was released:


Through the Pilot Course, tested by around 50 learners from different European countries, the consortium collected feedback and suggestions to improve the course content and methodology.


The changes were implemented in the on-line course.



In order to monitor the proper project implementation and the delivery of foreseen results, a quality plan was prepared and implemented.


Two assessment reports (month 12 and 28) provided corrective and preventive actions to ensure a smooth project implementation.


During the whole project, partners implemented several dissemination activities in order to spread awareness among sectorial VET providers, companies and companies associations and to support the use of ECO4VET outcomes by European stakeholders. The reference document was:


The consortium through the preparation of the following documents defined the strategy to:

  • ensure that project results will last in time and will be used to spread the produced knowledge and training materials across Europe: D8.1 Interim Sustainability plan (IR: only registered users)
  • define the rules to protect the intellectual property rights of the material produced and define the condition for its commercial exploitation: D8.2 IPR agreement (IR: only registered users)
  • use and exploit the project results after the end of the project: D8.3 Exploitation Agreements (IR: only registered users)


Another document was prepared presenting all the activities carried out to guarantee the project sustainability:


A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) pursues the new curricula official recognition in the participating countries, as it defines the framework for credit transfer among the VET providers taking into consideration the ECVET system.


The consortium prepared two reports for the EU commission to report the partnerships activities related to the project. The mid-term report covers the project first 12 months; the final covers the whole project length.