ECO4VET main outcomes and outputs

ECO4VET first delivery was the implementation of a desk research and a questionnaire in participating countries. The first one was implemented among VET providers and the second one among furniture companies. They aimed to find out the existing gaps in Europe between the VET providers training offer and the furniture companies’ skills and capacities needs in relation to Ecodesign and Sustainable Production. Identifying these skills gaps has been the corner stone of the whole project as it identified which learning outcomes had to be covered by the training materials delivered by the project. On the basis of these learning outcomes, the consortium designed 3 new joint curricula related to Ecodesign and Sustainable Production to be integrated in the training of key professional profiles of the sector: General Managers, Production Managers and Designers.

The following activity of the project has been to create the training materials for a new specific course able to provide the skills and competencies related to Ecodesign and Sustainable production for the above-mentioned professional profiles. The innovative material was adapted and transformed in interactive content and made available on an e-learning platform creating a new on-line course. The course was accessible in five different languages: English, Spanish, Polish, Romanian and Turkish.

The delivered Course was tested by around 50 learners from different European countries. Through this Pilot Course the consortium collected feedback and suggestions by learners in order to improve the course content and methodology.

One of the aim of the project was also to create the basis for a long-term collaboration among the partners that will work together to exploit the project results after its execution period. The consortium laid these bases through two documents: a consortium IPR agreement and an Exploitation Plan were used to define the strategy and the objectives of future collaborations.

Through a Memorandum of Understanding partners have recognized mutually the procedures to deliver the training materials developed in the project. This MoU also pursues the new curricula official recognition in the participating countries.

During the whole project implementation several dissemination activities were implemented by partners in order to spread awareness among sectorial VET providers, companies and companies associations in order to support the use across Europe of ECO4VET outcomes by stakeholders.