Final meeting and project last activities

The ECO4VET consortium held its final meeting in Barcelona, host by the Project Leader CENFIM on the 16th and 17th of March. Project partners, coming from 6 different European countries, met to finalize the execution of the last foreseen tasks and discuss further collaboration following the end of the project.

The partners discussed all the activities both in relation to the past tasks and results and in relation to the possibility to improve their quality, current and future usability. Special attention was given to the execution of the Pilot course and to the issues related to the preparation of the final report.

There was a long session related to the analysis of the Pilot Course implementation and the feedback delivered by participants. The result of this discussion was that changes need to be done to the Pilot Course content and methodology to improve its effectiveness. The feedbacks that were similar among them in spite of being received by participants doing the course in different languages received more attention. The main positive aspect was that participants positively valuated the innovative aspects of the course, especially in relation to the topics studied and the methodology.

Partners discussed as well the possibilities of future collaborations, which will be detailed in the following articles of this Newsletter.