ECO4VET project meeting Brussels

On the 3rd of December the ECO4VET consortium held the project second last meeting in Brussels at the Zaventem Airport Meeting Centre. Project partners, coming from five different European countries, analysed and discussed the implementation of the project.

Partners mainly analysed the situation of the ongoing online Pilot Course. They have been supporting the participants that were going through all the learning materials, steps and activities required by the course. The Pilot Course was delivered in five languages and participants were supported by partners in charge of their specific language. Partners discussed the problems they faced with students and the platform. The lead partner CENFIM and CCS, the project Greek partner in charge of the adaptation of the course to the platform that make possible the course working online, gave details and tips on its functioning, in order to facilitate the work of tutors and students. It was decided to extend the course deadline giving the students more time to properly complete the course.

Students had already started to send their feedback on the project content and structure. All the feedback will be used by the consortium to improve the learning material produced, the methodology used and the platform functioning.

Also administrative issues were discussed looking at the near finalization of the project.

It was decided that the project final meeting, together with the final dissemination event will be held in March in Barcelona.