Dissemination activities at the EFBWW AGM

The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) General Assembly has brought together national representatives from all European countries between the 25th and the 27th of November in Warsaw. During the General Assembly, which is held every four years, EFBWW discusses which activities to implement and adopts its action programme for the following years. The action programme outlines the Federation's main activities and tasks.

The EFBWW is the European Industry Federation for the construction industry, the building materials industry, the wood and furniture industry and the forestry industry. The federation has 76 affiliated unions from 34 European countries and represent more than 2 million members. Its main task is representing these members at European level and supporting the workers’ rights and interests of the above mentioned sectors in relation to European Commission’s legislations and initiatives related to them. Moreover, the EFBWW supports cooperation among the participating unions and the coordination of specific actions in the industries it represents.

One of the two EFBWW’s Committees centres its efforts on wood, furniture and forestry sectors. The ECO4VET partner BUDOWLANI participates to this very Standing Committee and he took this oportunity to present the ECO4VET Project activities, results and outputs to the participants. The feedback received has been very positive, as actions and innovations related to sustainable design and production are considered key factors for the future development and competitiveness of the European furniture sector.