Pilot Course Progress

The ECO4VET Pilot Course started in September. It is one of the key project outputs and the result of the successful implementation of the previous project steps. During the previous phases, which started from a research and analysis of existing skills and training needs for ecodesign and sustainable production in the furniture sector within the participating countries, the partnership defined the needed contents and produced the learning materials currently offered by this course.

The course has reached its halfway and it is currently involving around 50 students from 10 countries, which are doing the course in five different languages. The students are progressing systematically through the different learning units and they will advice the partnership whether the different unites are useful for the three key professional profiles selected for the furniture sector: designer, production manager and general manager.

Thus, a relevant contribution of this Pilot Course to the successful implementation of the whole project is the evaluation of the course content and methodology by the participant students. The course participants are starting this evaluation phase, that will continue until the end of the pilot course, and which is going to provide the consortium with feedback to improve the course in relation both to the learning units’ contents and to the methodology used to deliver them. These improved materials and methodology will be later-on used by project partners in their future activities.