ECO4VET project at the VET Group of European Social Dialogue Furniture Committee in Brussels

The ECO4VET Coordinator, Mr. Joaquim Solana from CENFIM, presented the project at the European Social Dialogue Furniture Industry Committee - VET Working Group meeting in Brussels on the 18th of September.

This Committee is a key actor of the European Furniture sector, as it promotes the dialogue among the sector social partners and the EU Commission intends it as a central body for consultation, joint initiatives and negotiation. In the Committee VET Group it is involved our project Polish partner Budowlani.

This committee involves 3 organisations representing employers and workers from the European Furniture sector: the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers, the Federation of European Furniture Manufacturers and the European Furniture Industries Confederation. The Committee is backed by other external entities, unions and companies associations that support its working process.

The Project Presentation focused on the project’s aims, Pilot Course and the importance of the issues treated by the project on the sector environmental impact and related future market trends. The Committee’s interest is mainly related to how the ECO4VET project relevant topics could be linked to their own activities. Some possible collaboration emerged and they will be evaluated and eventually implemented during next months. In the meantime, Committee’s members will disseminate information among their own partners about the project and the possibility for furniture workers and students to participate in the ECO4VET Pilot Course, which has just started.