ECO4VET Romanian Partner

Meet our Romanian partner: GRIGORE MOISIL

Grigore Moisil Technological High School Braila is a vocational high school situated in Braila, South-East of Romania. The training offered by the school mainly covers the following areas: wood processing, furniture designer, ecotechnology and environmental quality, forestry, commerce, electrical and electronic technology, technical procurement, computer operator technology, local networks and communications, and they offer a master in electro-mechanical technology.

They have been involved in different EU Leonardo da Vinci funded projects in collaboration with other European institutes. The aim of the institution goes beyond academic purposes trying to fulfil students' social needs, as the school is attended by young people aged between 15 and 19 years old and adults coming from different ethnic groups. It has close links with the Romanian Ministry of Education and the Romanian Furniture Manufacturers Association.

Role in the project:

GM, as VET provider partner, has contributed in the definition of the Training Path and Learning units, and is collaborating in the Pilot Course and the dissemination activities.