ECO4VET Project presented in Bucharest at the BIFE-SIM 2015 Fair

The ECO4VET project was presented by the Romanian partner Grigore Moisil at the furniture BIFE-SIM 2015 FAIR that took place at ROMEXPO EXHIBITION CENTRE, between the 19th of 23rd of this month.

BIFE SIM is the International Trade Fair for Furniture Equipment and Accessories held in Bucharest every year. With almost 300 exhibitors and more than 25.000 professional visitors, it represents the national most important event for professionals, companies and entities related to the furniture sector in Romania. For the Romanian Project Partner, the technological high school “Grigore Moisil”, this Fair represents an important opportunity to meet the leading actors of the sector and consequently, it was the best opportunity to present the project within the country. For the fourth consecutive year, the Fair organized an event already become tradition in Romanian Design environment: the Design Conference. This year under the title "Urban Design Conference", it was a good opportunity for information exchange among specialists, general public and relevant authorities. The theme of the day was: Explore Imagination/Explore creativity and the target audience of the conference were academics, students and professionals members of the APMR.

The project presentation held with the support of the Romania Furniture Manufacturers Association (APMR), provided information about the Project objectives and past activities and presented the project Pilot Course. The main targets have been professionals and students from the furniture industry sector, potential users of this vocational training. The project and the course main aim is to fulfil the existing training needs related to Ecodesign and Sustainable Production within the European furniture sector.

The project and the course are the result of a strong and integrated collaboration among the 9 project partners, coming from 6 different European countries. During this week, the Pilot Course will be launched on its e-learning platform. Interested professionals and students can still join the Free on-line Pilot Course, as the consortium decided to increase the number of available seats for participants. The course is available in 5 European languages: English, Spanish, Polish, Turkish and Romanian.

In order to get more information and apply to the course, please visit the project website or go through the following link: