Meet our Turkish partner: PERA FINE ARTS

Pera Fine Arts Vocational Training Institute provides vocational and arts training since 1991 in Istanbul and it is approved by the Ministry of National Education. Through its several specialized departments, today it provides vocational training in subjects such as interior design, web design, advertisement, restoration and some other topics.

The focus of the training programmes is closely related to the current needs of the different sectors and it allows the graduates entering in an easier way the labour market.

One of the strengths of PERA is the close contacts and collaborations it has with representatives and professionals from the different production sectors and it follows innovative approaches in its training programmes. PERA connections with the furniture sector are excellent thanks to its interior design department and this allows offering students the opportunity of having training experiences within companies.

It is supported by 30 professionals as permanent staff and 150 teachers/trainers and it hosts approximately one thousand students in total. It also has a branch in Canada.

Role in the project:

Pera, as VET provider partner, has coordinated the Definition of the Training Path and Learning content and it is also implementing different activities in the development, piloting and dissemination stages.