ECO4VET Benefits. Can I participate?

There’s an identified educational gap between training offer and skills demand related to ecodesign and sustainable production. Furthermore, there is not an official curriculum in these matters at European level.

This fact directly affects the traditional manufacturing furniture industry. Some new factors have appeared that make companies need this knowledge and skills, such as new restrictions in environmental legislation, the release of standard guidelines for incorporating ecodesign, and specially the appearance of emerging markets very demanding with the product sustainability.

The training methods and tools developed in ECO4VET will benefit:

  • Individuals working in furniture enterprises (design, production, environment, logistics,..) by increasing their skills and thus their company competitiveness.
  • Students or unemployed by increasing their skills and thus their employability and access to better jobs.
  • Training entities that will increase their curriculum offer.
  • Any European and national entity or authority participating in education or employment active policies by increasing employability and competitiveness in their region.


How can I participate?

Furniture sector professionals, unemployed and students will have the possibility to be the first in doing the course and testing the e-learning platform.

They will perform the test of this training in a real environment so that it can be checked whether the project results meet the expectations or not. These users will be monitored and surveyed to collect their feedback and suggestions for improvement of the content and the e-learning course structure and operation.

The test is foreseen to start in June 2015 and we are already looking for professionals and students interested in doing the course and helping us to improve it. The access to this Training Pilot Test will be limited to a small number of participants. If you are interested in participating in the course, please, pre-inscribe through the form in ECO4VET website.