P05 - PERA - Pera Fine Arts

Pera Fine Arts provides vocational and arts training since 1991 in Istanbul. Today has several different departments. Pera Fine Arts Vocational Training Institute, provides vocational training in subjects such as interior design, restoration, web design, advertisement, etc.

PERA tailors training programmes according to the needs of the sectors so the graduates could involve to labour market. PERA always collaborates with the sector representatives and follows innovative approaches in the related training programmes in Turkey and Europe. PERA started implementing European Union projects in 2004.

PERA has close connection with the furniture sector thanks to the interior design department. During the training, some practical lessons are given in the furniture companies in the workplace to train the students about the applications and expectations of the sector which they are going to involve after the graduation. Besides PERA has realized some project to cover necessities of the project and to improve the current applications such as.

  • VOLICITY: It aimed to vocational and basic skills of the migrants to involve the creative sectors. The case was furniture industry and Pera created a training module for migrants who would like to work in the furniture industry in UK, Germany and Turkey.
  • QWVET: It aimed to improve the training applications in interior design section. A quality assurance file was created within the partnership of UK, Turkey, Italy and Germany.
  • 3D Europe: It aimed to skills and knowledge of the interior design and furniture design students about innovative approaches in the sector. 45 Turkish students studied 3D applications in Italy and Portugal.
  • SISMILE: It aims to improve the current knowledge skills and knowledge of furniture sector workers, employees and employers about designing non-structural elements against earthquake risks inside the buildings which will give chance to the target group to create new income possibilities. 

Pera develop curriculums and training contents in different topics and get approval from Ministry of Education Turkey for its own students until now. Besides it has been worked in lots of curriculum/training development projects funded by EU.

Size of the organization: It implements activities by 150 teachers/trainers and 30 permanent staff. Every year it hosts approximately one thousand students in different programmes. It has two buildings in Istanbul and one building in Canada.

Affiliations: Pera is approved by Ministry of National Education. The graduates of the training institute could get certificates which are approved by the Ministry. Also it is the representatives of some qualification.

 It has close collaboration with lots of organizations from different countries of Europe such as Palazzo Spinelli l’Art e il Restauro (Italy), Centro Albayzin (Spain), Amor de Dios (Spain), Ecole d’Avignon (France), The State Higher Vocational School in Nysa (Poland), IEKEP (Greece), etc. 

Related with the sector we have collaborators from EU and Turkey: AIDIMA (Furniture, Wood and Packaging Technology Institute, Spain), Budowlani Trade Union (Poland), European Furniture Manufacturers Federation (Belgium), Koleksiyon Furniture (Turkey), Istanbul Interior Designers Chamber (Turkey) and Sultanahmet Industrial and Vocational High School (Turkey).

Role in the project:

Pera, as VET provider partner, will coordinate the Definition of the Training Path and Learning content (WP2), Pera has also roles in the development, piloting and dissemination stages.