P03 - OIGPM - Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers

The Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers, OIGPM, protects the interests of its members and of the entire furniture sector. The Chamber represents the sector in discussions with government and non-government organizations.

The main activities of the chamber are as follows:

  • Delivering on the resolution of authorities or other entities opinions and information about existing trade habits, prices, the origin of goods and other opinions and information concerning economic trade and companies.
  • The occurrence in legal business or economic in the aim of beginning rewritten in the face of organs of public administration, with right of action their members and local, the courts and different structures in order to protect  the interest of members before monopolistic, dumping, activity, the administrative decisions as well as interference in economic activity.
  • Creating, with using of the existing regulations, courts of conciliation to settle the disputes based on the economic background
  • The promotion of the Polish entities of the furniture trade being the members of OIGPM as well as their products in country and abroad with the help of Trademark "POLISH FURNITURE - PROVEN QUALITY ” as well as integration of the members of the Chamber round Trademark.
  • The organizational-law service, consulting and informational in the frames of the economic activity and the management.
  • Training activities and the promotion of the learning and permanent developing of the personnel
  • Technical, economic and law service, what includes making analysis and giving opinions
  • Investigation and research  service that refers to the furniture market and the public opinion
  • Activities connected with the organization of the fair trades and exhibitions.

Size of the organization: 1 delegation, 3 workers


Currently OIGPM has around 100 associated from the furniture sector, mostly SME. OIGPM also has a wide European Network of associations from the furniture sector:

  • European Furniture Manufacturers Federation UEA
  • European Confederation of woodworking industries CEI-BOIS
  • Association of the Austrian Wood Industries
  • The association for British Furniture Manufacturers
  • Association of the Czech Furniture Manufacturers
  • Estonian Woodworking Federation
  • Finnish Forest Industries Federation
  • National Union of French Furniture Industries
  • Hauptverband der Holz und Kunststoffe verarbeitenden Industrie
  • Association of Hungarian Furniture and Woodworking Industries
  • Lithuanian Wood Association
  • Dutch Organization of Furniture Manufacturers
  • Romanian Furniture Manufacturers Association
  • Association of furniture and woodworking enterprises of Russia
  • Slovak Timber Industry Organization
  • Sweden Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry
  • Association of Swiss Furniture Industries
  • International Poznan Fairs
  • Spanish Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters
  • MOBDER - Welfare Association of Exporters and Importers Furniture Producers
  • Portugal Association of Furniture Manufacturers
  • Latvian Forest Industry Federation
  • Malta Furniture Manufacturers Organisation

Role in the project: OIGPM, as partner from the world of work, will participate in the definition of skill needs (WP1), dissemination and exploitation activities (WP7 and WP8).